Thank you for participating in the session today double a little thin on the ground Covid duties are having a toll on our attendance. Take all the safety precautions & Stay safe.

We discussed a communication scenario of discussing with parents of four-year-old who has been seen for being clumsy and clinical examination suggests he may have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This scenario was fairly straightforward but it is important not to assume a diagnosis as the final when describing to parents on the first consultation unless specifically mentioned.

Learning points:

  • Introduction and normal interactive behaviour with rapport.
  • Do not give the ‘Diagnosis’ as a definitive – if you are only suspecting.
  • Describe the signs parents can identify with and put in context with your thinking
  • Child is ‘likely to have …XYZ’ because of these and we need to confirm by investigations.
  • Keep quiet for 4-5 seconds for the information to sink in.
  • Let Role player respond with their ’emotion’ question’ and then reply to their queries.
  • Be ‘optimistic’ and not a Doom and Gloom doctor / colleague.
  • Avoid being technical – said all the time but under stress we all ‘regress’.
  • Keep it simple – basic grass root level information to start with.
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Anil Garg