We discussed video clip of a six week old baby with moderate to severe respiratory distress. This was evidenced by child being increased work of breathing, sleepy, head bobbing, tachypnoea with oxygen via nasal prongs maintaining a satisfactory oxygen saturation. The findings were picked up by all, question of relevant history and examination. Impending Respiratory failure.

However investigations were coloured by personal experience – i.e. RSV identifications was not done due to ‘financial’ constraints in the working units.

Learning points:

  • Practice medicine in an ‘ideal’ world as if ‘all was available’.
  • If an important ‘facet’ is missing – mention it – and in an ‘ideal situation’ you will do it.
  • Reasonable to check FiO2 – if not clear – as that will affect your management decision.
  • Continue to relate to Video clip signs – do not move to ‘theory’ realm.
  • Watch the Complete Video as sequence of events will determine management options
  • Presentation skill is essential in conveying your thoughts effectively

Please add any points I have missed or to add a comment.
Anil Garg