We continued on the theme of Abdomen as was suggested. First there was a powerpoint presentation of important Do’s & Don’t’s. How to score marks in all the domains you will be tested at this station. 4 domain and 8 marks for the station – Communication gets 25% of the marks!

The scenario was of a 15 year old who came for annual FU. Well built, scars in abdomen – periumblical and RIL with a firm mass 15 X 15 cm.
Good discussion – Renal transplant.
Learning point:

  • Revise scars you can encounter
  • Check for scars when child sitting at edge of bed – walk around to look
  • Presentation – keep it basic to begin with – esclate as per questioning
  • Differential diagnosis – support with findings
  • Sleek examination
  • Beaware of what else you will like to check – here BP, hernial sites

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Anil Garg