Eye examination is something we do routinely but not in full details and it is a fairly common scenario to come across in an exam.

Non-functioning eye with prosthetic cover is quite common. I had a child in my care in UK and also we saw one child in Kolkata. Children with this difficulty are generally otherwise very well ands are good candidates for the exam.

The learning points from today are:

  • Start with basic vision test and complete all the modalities advised
  • Steady the head when testing for eye-movement
  • Even if you are fairly confident of the diagnosis halfway through your examination cycle I recommend you go through the rest of the function check also.
  • Practice the cover test on normal children – to get smoothness in your technique
  • Check vision in EACH eye.
  • Eye prosthesis norma are REMARKABLY NORMAL looking and can confuse any one at a cursory look.
  • You CANNOT afford to miss a NON FUNCTIONING eye.