Today we discussed a boy of 4 years with difficulty in walking and frequent falls. Clinical signs evident were calf hypertrophy and positive Gowers sign.

Diagnosis and identification of Gowers sign was useful. How to approach such a child and how the discussion regarding management should be directed.The main learning points are;

  • Practice giving instructions to children in SIMPLE language. Not easy as it seems.
  • Management – ideal – Gold standard as in UK protocols but then mention what is available in your own practice.
  • Observing muscles, legs, gait be at a level to clearly see child – kneel.
  • Do NOT walk in front of child or by his side – you will not be able to observe any signs.
  • We will see a video at next session.
  • General physical examination is EXPECTED at ALL stations.
  • MDT – composition and role of each member – important to know.
  • Expose body part in question. Trousers and socks.