I will share tips from diary kept by one of my colleagues who passed the MRCPH recently ……….

Stations in which there is no pre station reading (Clinicals/development/video): keep your exam paper ready in your hand and jump right into the door, when the bell rings. (Don’t *ram* into it),

Moment the bell rings your time has already started.

for development – go to the beach/mall with a fellow student. Do a visual development assessment for every child there.

These days when you cannot go out and neither your children go to school – practice with them – normal precautions are advised ….. Not advocating but ‘incentives’ can some times do wonders …

Obviously keep a distance. Have development tables with you. 

– breathe Mrcpch as much as you can prior to exams. Communicate in real life for all Medical /non medical scenarios. Counsel friends in a tough time. Even if enemy is having a tough / good time counsel them, let them talk, but finish in 6 min then repeat what you’ve discussed and arrange a further meeting. 

Night before exam mentally prepare yourself at do what you are going to do in each station.

Optimise examination technique using pillow cases plus minus pillows! 

Send us your own tips to help colleagues preparing for the exam.