Today we discussed how focused history and management.The session started with a discussion and PowerPoint presentation of salient points for the history station.

In the PowerPoint presentation we discussed briefly how to avoid pitfalls and concentrate on getting the information. The cases are likely to be of chronic conditions with recent change causing the crisis.

The History was of a 15-year-old with coeliac disease for the last 10 years. There have been regular reviews but for the past one month she has abdominal pain with ‘loose’ stools.

Learning points were:

  • Speak with Role player at a ‘level; indicated by age.
  • Avoid jargon
  • Do NOT confuse gender of the person speaking with.
  • Work on differential diagnosis of presenting symptoms.
  • Need NOT go into great details of each individual symptom.
  • Do NOT omit Menstural history in Chronic disease
  • HEADSS history
  • Social implications of the disease on Patient & Family.

We could have done better!