Communication scenario: Discussion between A medical student who had witnessed a consultation with parents of a child involved in a road traffic accident and plan to be withdrawn care plus request for organ donation.

It is a common and difficult scenario. The learning points were:

  • Communication scenarios have to be a dialogue and not a monologue

  • Involve the rule player and respond to the verbal and non-verbal cues

  • Give ‘role player’ time to respond

  • Active listening and acknowledging

  • Respond to the role players questions

  • Remember it is their agenda and not yours.

  • You DONOT have to tell everything you know!

  • Acknowledge what you do not know and know how to escalate

  • This will help Your anxiety also about NOT knowing all details of task

  • Summarise on the warning knock or as appropriate

  • Be sympathetic and saying what you also find difficult can build rapport

“Hardest part of our job is accepting when we have reached our limit and can do NO MORE’.