Today we did a difficult scenario of a 14-year-old who was involved in a road traffic accident and has been recently pronounced brain-dead by two consultants. The task was to update parents with clinical condition and request for organ donation.

The learning points were:

  • Remember in a communication station it has to be a dialogue and not a monologue

  • Good practice to Mention that Ward sister is accompanying you as she knows young person better

  • Opening sentences in communication scenarios are different and you cannot use the same sentence in every situation

  • Do not use jargon

  • Time management is very important

  • Acknowledge the role players mood and act accordingly.

  • Six minutes and nine minutes are not enough to complete the task and get consent from the parent necessarily. Don’t push it.

  • If the role player is upset and crying – offer issues and keep quiet, give time to recover

  • For organ donation it could be brought in:

“At this time of sadness Act of severe generosity can bring happiness and chance of a life to others”. 

A small clip of how?