We had a quick revision of how to run a scenario.

Communication station is essentially Putting a good performance And providing all the information accurately relevant to the patient/role player.

My advice for this is:

  • Read the task carefully, note the name of the role player And use it when you go in and introduce yourself.
  • Do not always ask “What shall I call you”?
  • Arrange for a quiet place and an Escort, possibly ward sister if appropriate.
  • Speak in short sentences and clarify the task.
  • Summarise that six minutes and then carry on with whatever comes up for the next two minutes.

The main learning points today:

  • Reduce worries of the role player
  • If explaining an abnormality it is always better to briefly explain what normal is. It is then easier to put the abnormal in perspective.
  • Do not rush to the treatment going steps as otherwise the role player is likely to interact with a query with you you may not be able to answer.
  • Do not oversimplify the explanation.
  • If discussing Central cyanosis then you need not talk about good blood and bad blood instead mention pink, oxygenated blood coming from the lungs and blue, blood which has given up the oxygen to the cells or tissues being deoxygenated. If the role player does not understand this basic concept which I hope you have explained in what normal circulation is like then you can explain again.
  • Be structured and keep it simple but do not make it too simple to the point you cannot get your explanation across.