Interactive Zoom Session – Video scenario

A typical interactive Zoom Session.

The whole session has been edited to a ‘small’ presentation to give viewers a flavour of how the session is run.

After the video  clip, one of the participants will take the lead in presenting the findings.

Other members than give their view of the clinical signs.

Questions as expected in the examination are asked and discussed.

Differential diagnosis and management is then discussed.

Learning points from the candidates are asked to embed learning.

3 thoughts on “Interactive Zoom Session – Video scenario”

  1. AKRUTI GORE said:

    Can only see 1 video as an example.The other videos you have mentioned cannit be seen.Hope I am using it correctly

    • docgarg said:

      We are working on the links and formats -so sorry for the inconvenience.
      We have 2 examples in communication on Compliance of treatment.

  2. How do we get to the diagnosis and discussion?

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