RRR — Development Station — Age Assessment

Dear All
Thank you for your participation in the sessions today.
In RRR we discussed:

  • Acute asthma attack – management & BTS guidelines
  • Polyarthritis – differential diagnosis
  • Henoch-Schentien purpura

The Development scenario was parental concerns about ability to do things and being slower than older brother. We discussed following viewing a video on developmental assessment. The verbalisation seemed ackward and unstructred.

Learning points:

  • Learn asthma ‘inside out’.
  • EHCP – importance & relevance.
  • Go through all domains ‘in brief’ for Age assessment
  • In management – do NOt forget to ESCALATE – Consultant

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Anil Garg
We are considering scheduling the Intensive Revision Course as a few more of our members have been offered a seat for the February Exam and hence we need to work twice as hard till the exam. Let me know if you are interested. 22-23 January.