RRR — Clinical Station – Other ….

Thank you for participating in the session today.

Update from RCPCH sent by Dr Sumit confirms the next diet in UK will also be face to face but there will be no children present. In other centres overseas children will be present in the clinical examinations.

I also learnt of a candidate who did very badly at communication scenarios at the exam which seemed fairly straight forward and discussed previously in our group. Hence need to practice even more.

We discussed in RRRs:

  • MRSA colonised neonate – how to manage?
  • Acute upper airway obstruction
  • Explain to parent – Autosomal Recessive & Dominant disease inheritance.

We all know and understand inheritance but to make it simple enough and explain needs a lot of practice.

Clinical Station was a scenario of 6 year old who has come for a routine FU. Task was to examine his eye. Dr S took the hotseat and made a very good attempt at the examination. Most points were covered – perhaps the sequence of ‘tests’ could be different and hence more productive. In my experience it is best to start after general examination with Acuity of vision of EACH eye. Rest will follow.

The Learning points are:

  • Practice all common stations that may be grouped under ‘other’.
  • Be systematic.
  • Give Precise and Specific instruction to child when giving instructions
  • Prosthetic eyes now look very realistic and can be easily missed.
  • Cause for need of prosthesis: Retinoblastoma, Eye trauma common ones.

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Anil Garg