One to One Sessions

One to One Sessions for your specific needs.

We work in small groups and follow our curriculum though make changes as requested by majority of participants. Peer learning is important and our belief is that interacting with others at a similar position in their examination preparations offers opportunities to ‘See Ourselves in the Mirror’.

There is a certain level of stress in being in such ‘HOT SEAT’ situation.

In the session below: Dr C is in the HOT SEAT.

Some of our participants feel more comfortable working One–to-One (1-2-1) or wish to discuss a topic e.g. murmurs in greater details or practice Communication scenarios they may had difficulty with earlier or learnt from a friend.

These sessions can be organised at mutually convenient times  outside of the Regular sessions.

Preview of a Communication Session …

Thank you Dr. G!
Passed my Clinical exams! Dear Dr Garg and team,Thank you so much for all the support and prayers.Dr G I don’t know how to express in words ,you guided me till the end.You managed to find extra time to fit me in your busy schedule .One to one 1hour sessions with you helped me quiet a lot. It was exactly similar to exam scenarios and the way examiners ask questions. You correctly spot my weak areas and point out what to improve .Our weekly sessions random topics and exam scenarios help me to brush up lots of topics that I would nt have covered otherwise. Weekly sessions forced me to focus well and prepare for the exams especially in busy work schedule along with family.😊
 Dr CC – UK 01 Dec 2021