Intensive Revision Course …

Intensive Revision. 

Short 2-4 days face to face Courses for Membership examinations are essential and popular. They give a snap shot of what the examination will entail providing large information manual.

You leave the course with a Road Map to Success.

However you travel alone on still a very long path of preparation of weeks and months to achieve Meets Standard’ on the day with MINIMAL on going senior feedback.

Join us for regular sessions and keep the goal in focus.

The course is to refresh skills of candidates taking the clinical exam.

We have  sessions covering the five stations of the clinical exam.

There is a schedule for sessions but needs of the candidates will dictate where the emphasis should be. 

Each session will be of two hours. Interactive Zoom Video Conferencing.

Basic tips and then presentations and discussion. Formative feedback to enhance learning.

Sixth session will be a mock exam.

RCPCH PreRead Guide to Clinical Stations

Tuesday to Friday sessions will be 3:30 – 5:30 pm UK time.

Saturday and Sunday sessions will be at : 10:00 am- 12:00 noon.

Some of the sessions will be recorded and made available to the participants for their review

There are limited places as we aim to work in small learning groups to be able to attend to individual needs.

For details contact us.


Communication.         Video.          H&M.       Clinical.           Development.

The feedback to the Intensive course is:

Thank you so much for your help in advance I am hopeful that I would pass.

I feel the difference in my approach now, I pray that God would crown my effort with success.I would surely let you know how it went and continue to spread the good news to colleagues.

Your effort is much appreciated sir.

Dr UE 21 February 2020

Yes sir, the west syndrome which was discussed was useful…exactly same type of case was there in vedio station…even though the neck flexion of Salam spasm was not there in the vedio is was discussed as in the same way of your class of West Syndrome. 
Dr SK 19 January 2020

Thank you so very much sir…being in the “warm seat” allows me to see the interaction from the perspective of a neutral observer or that of an examiner, while being forced think on my toes as if I were the candidate.

Thank you for making me feel welcome

Dr. BH.S.   05 January 2020
Thank you Sir for the wonderful session. I realised how difficult it is to be on the hot seat with a real examiner unlike practising with friends. Realised how important it is to manage time and address all the concerns of the role player. Definitely recommend this course for all exam goers.
Dr SM. 04 January 2020
Good points of the revision course:
  • case selection
  • auscultation sounds
  • The presentation in the beginning with tips and tricks.

Dr RM  10 January 2020

Thank you so much for your help sir. 

Last few months I wasn’t studying/ practising properly at all. 

Your sessions did spur me on. (Full thanks to you sir for arranging sessions at an appropriate time) 

One class does not make a major difference but each class you attend you learn a little bit more and become a little bit better.

Dr RM 19 January 2020

For details contact us.