History Station – Social history

History station will generally discuss a chronic disease problem that has deteriorated in the past 3-6 months.


e.g.: Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Asthma, Renal failure…….


Important points:

1: Ask social history sooner – virtually immediately after details of presenting complaints / concerns.

2: Do not leave it till the end. There will NOT be time left.

3: The issue to be discussed and teased out in the history will be due to events in the past 4 to 6 months hence concentrate on this period.

4: It is important to get an idea of when disease process started but it is not relevant to the current issues of fine details at the time of start-up of illness or the investigation does to make a diagnosis.

5: At 9 Min to a brief summary of what has been discussed and you have understood.

6: Ask an open question ‘Is there anything important / relevant you would like to tell me that I have not asked?’

7: The presentation to Examiner should be brief with positive and negative information gathered.

8: The Examiner has listening to your interaction with the role player hands you do not need to mention every minor details.

9: Do NOT forget HEADS with young person.

If encounter with teenager / Adolescent:

  • H – Home & environment
  • E – Education
  • A – Activities
  • D – Drugs
  • S – Sexuality
  • S – Suicide / Depression

Can modify questions as per situation.

Qualify in presence of parents.