Clinical – Growth & Charts

Growth charts are bread and butter practice for paediatricians. Every child we see, subconciously we, compare against a ‘normal’ range for the community.
We discussed two scenarios of a young person who was bullied at school and was smallest in his griends group and a child who started losing weight at 7 months.
Learning points were:

  • Know growth charts well. You can run into them in the exam.
  • ALL ‘marks’ on the chart are for a reason – NOT an error
  • If NOT sure of a mark – ASK? Confirm.
  • Difference in Bone age to chronological age is important to know.
  • Learn how to communicate with parents in a simple easy to understand language.
  • Do not complicate matters by suggesting very rare diagnosis
  • 7 month failure to thrive is likely to be weaning related – coeliac – NOT IBD
  • Suggest relevant investigations with results you will be expecting.
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