1 – 2- 1 & 2-2-1

One to One Sessions for your specific needs. TWO 2 ONE Session.

In the session below: Dr M and then Dr S are in the HOT SEAT and EXAMINER Mode.

Some of our participants feel more comfortable working One–to-One (1-2-1) or wish to discuss a topic e.g. murmurs in greater details or practice Communication scenarios they may had difficulty with earlier or learnt from a friend.

These sessions can be organised at mutually convenient times  outside of the Regular sessions.

Preview of a Communication Session …

Respected Sir
I cleared the clinical
Thank you so much for your immense support

Do keep in touch and come to UK for the Convocation ceremony. We will catch up then.
MF: Sir we owe you a big treat
And we were thinking to meet up on zoom whenever easier for you

MF: Sir a good news
Cleared my Pakistani Boards as well today was the final paper

MF: But thank you sooooo much for always supporting me and believing in me